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Audiological Services

The clinic provides facilities for various screening and diagnostic procedures to evaluate the hearing of all age groups from infants to elderly. The audiometric tests include pure tone, speech and free field audiometry.

Special audiometric tests such as tone decay and SISI are carried out to differentiate between cochlear and retrocochlear pathologies. Middle ear impedance testing includes tympanometry, stapedial reflexometry, reflex decay test and Eustachian tube function in normal and perforated eardrums. All tests are carried out in a soundproof double room set up according to international guidelines.

The clinic also provides hearing aid fittings along with hearing aid optimization and


fine tuning services of different models and styles of hearing aids using functional gain measures. Impressions for ear molds which are an essential accessory to hearing aids are custom made.


Being renowned providers of hearing aid in Jaipur, Dr. Anita Bhandari’s Vertigo and Ear Clinic excels in providing positive impact on the life of the patients with their treatment.

Hearing Aids– Our clinic deals with different types, styles and power of hearing aids which help each patient to choose the best listening device for them.
There are various types of hearing aids.

  • BTE- (behind the ear)
    These aids consist of a case that rests on the pinna (ear) with the tubing connected to the ear moulds. These are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss cases.



  • ITE-(in the ear)
    These are custom made hearing aids suitable for mild to severe losses. These hearing aids rest in the concha of the ear.



  • RIC-(receiver in the canal)
    These are a new style of hearing aids. RIC is a small hearing aid which delivers sound to the receiver through a thin wire. These hearing aids are made with a small BTE (behind the ear) device. They provide less occlusion and more comfort to the patient.



  • ITC-(in the canal)
    It is a small hearing aid which rests in the ear canal and is not visible.



  • CIC-(completely in the canal)
    These hearing aids are small in size and not much visible.



  • IIC-(Invisible in the canal)
    - Custom made according to each patient canal.



  • BAHA-(bone- anchored hearing aid)
    This hearing aid is implanted in the bone behind the ear. It is useful in patients with severe hearing loss in one ear or in patients with discharging ears or malformation of the outer ear.